About Us

Who we are

CON-MA-VE is a boutique trading company, specializing on three main pillars:

“CON” – Construction Machinery, Parts & Equipment

“MA” – Marble Extraction, Distribution & Design

“VE” – Automobiles (Cars) & other Motor Vehicles

CONMAVE was founded by two partners with more than four (4) decades of collective knowledge and experience on import-export, as well as domestic and international trade.

Our team is highly specialized in undertaking projects of different size and scope. We have worked with some of the top-5 construction companies in Greece, have conducted business in various countries in Europe and the Middle East, and have served the needs of hundreds of clients within our 3 core pillars.

Our Promise & Principles

At CONMAVE, we believe in building enduring relationships with clients and industry partners. Over the years, we have come to understand that there is nothing more important than a strong, solid reference from people we have worked with.

Every CONMAVE client is treated with courtesy and respect. Our team always works closely with our clients and is committed to serving the clients’ best interest. Understanding your business empowers us to deliver for you.

We take pride in our work ethic, always conducting business with respect, honesty and transparency, with our clients’ best interests at heart.


This is our drive and passion: “Providing all the elements for your success